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About us

Tecnología Química y Comercio S.A. is a Peruvian company founded by a group of Peruvian businessmen who, trusting in the development of the country, decided to invest in farming activity and linked substances to this area, focused on reaching an important place within the specialized companies in this field.

Tecnología Química y Comercio S.A. participates in diverse areas of the farming sector, offering a wide range of products

Agricultural division
We have a wide range of insecticides, acaroids, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, bio-activators and adjuvant, which are indispensable for the optimum development of crops.

Veterinary division
Our product portfolios includes internal and external anti-parasites, mineral salts, reconstituents, rubefacient, anti-diarrhea, rumen stimulant and antiseptic products formulated both for major and minor animals.

Environmental Sanitary division
We provide products to support environmental health, which include insecticides for the effective control of crawling and flying insects; both for industrial and domestic use, rodenticides and disinfectants.

We have the supporting of top companies like Syngenta, Sumitomo Chemical and Arysta Life Science.

Mission & Vision

To innovate with solutions and high-value services, perceived for our allies, customers and consumers, with excellence and profitability.

To be a Latin American referent in services to the agricultural sector, with leadership, recognized by the global consumer.


Quality policies

Tecnología Química y Comercio S.A. has a top commitment to satisfy the client’s needs and spectations, according to the quality requirements, the continuous improvements of its process and the development of our workers, to offer solutions and technical assistance in protection and nutrition of agricultural sector, environmental health and related products.

In January 2002 the company earned the ISO Certification 9001:2000.  In these days we are working under the ISO Certification 9001: 2008.



At Tecnología Química y Comercio S.A., we believe in long lasting relationships. This is why we are looking for long term allies, who will help us build strong relations with every business involve in the agro-industrial sector.
TQC not only sells pesticides, but also offers a full service allowing our final clients to reach their maximum productivity in their businesses.
Our experience, built during the years is available to serve the consumer and the distribution channels, to profit the whole agricultural sector.


Strategic alliances

In order to offer a complete product’s portfolio with guaranteed quality and high worldwide recognition, Tecnología Química y Comercio S.A. has sign important agreements of distribution with leading worldwide companies as Syngenta, Arysta Life Science, Bayer, Valent, Sumitomo Chemical, Point, Nihon Noyaku, Ishihara Techno Corporation, Otsuka Chemical, between others.

Thanks to these strategic alliances, TQC is prepared to attend more than 2,000 clients and distributors along the whole peruvian territory, with forefront products, tested  in many countries of the world, satisfying in this way the domestic market needs.